How To Wire Led Light Bar To High Beam

If you want to wire a LED light bar onto a high beam, you need to ensure that you have the necessary tools on board with you. Since this can get a little technical, only attempt it if you are a 100% sure that you can finish it up after starting. If this is your first time, try and seek guidance from someone who has dealt with technical projects like this before. It is a relatively easy process but you need to careful as you do not want to ruin the light bar or hurt yourself.

In order to start with the process, after gathering the necessary tools, wire and other equipments, you need to place the led light bar on the desired location. Ensure that the location is sturdy and does not have a clacking surface as it will make the task difficult and your setting loose. After this, disconnect the negative terminal from your car battery before you start any other work on this. Mount the fuse inside the vehicle and attach with a bolt. The fuse should be placed such that the wire easily reaches the battery. Now, connect the ring terminal to the positive terminal of the battery.

Find your vehicle’s headlamp wiring. The light bar wire needs to be connected to it. There would be three plugs: the factory plug, the headlight plug and the harness plug. Connect the headlight plug to the headlight wire plug. The factory plug connects to your light bar.

After this, mount the switch on to the car by finding the way of the other wires. There is a firewall inside the car which reaches the engine bay. You need to get the switch wire via that inside the car. Sneak the wire in and place the switch in an area which is easily accessible by the driver.

Once that is done, connect the harness plug. If you are confused about the wiring, it is a slight bit complicated. The light bar is connected to the fuse and to the vehicle. The fuse is connected to the battery and to the switch for the light bar. The fuse is also connected to the relay of the vehicle. After you have ensured that all of this is connected, it is now time to attach back the negative terminal back in its place in the battery to give power to the whole set up.

It is now time to test if you were successful. Switch on the light bar and let it be on the high setting and see if the power is getting interrupted or is stable. If it is stable and does not flicker and goes off as soon as you switch it off, it means that your task is done.

Always ensure that the light bar you are using is in compliance with local traffic laws so that you do not violate any regulations while doing your setup.


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