How To Wire Fog Lights

Fog lights are lights specifically designed to help the driver see the road through the fog. The Fog lights are a special beam-type shaped lights and usually comes in a narrow bar shape. They have beams which are flat and are wide to allow maximum visibility even in dense fog. They are usually placed in the lower portion of the car to allow the driver to see the road. The Fog Lights are mostly placed near the bumper of the vehicle. They come in yellow and white lights depending upon the rules and the utility.

The process of wiring fog lights is actually quite simple. There can be two options, whether you want to wire it onto a separate switch or on the same one as the headlights. Usually people who work in fog-prone areas get the wiring done to the headlights as they are used together. If you follow this step-by-step process on how to wire fog lights, it becomes much easier to install it on your own.

Step 1: Disconnecting The Battery

In all the cases where you do any kind of wiring to your vehicle, always disconnect the ground terminal on the battery as this is a safety instruction as well as allows for a better set up as you would not have to worry about being electrocuted.

Step 2: Mounting Fog Lights

Choose the mounting location for your fog lights. Usually as mentioned above, these lights are placed on the bumper but place it as per your requirement and usage. It is advisable to put the fog lights temporarily first before you attach the lights permanently so that you can change it later if required.

Step 3: Switch Placement

After you have put the fog lights in the desired place, put the switch in a location which would be convenient to the driver to switch on and off. Now this step comes into picture only if you want an additional switch. If not, move onto the next step.

Step 4: Wiring the fog lights with a separate switch

The wire that comes from under the dash, connect that with the switch terminal on the lights. Now connect the battery terminal on the lights to the battery. Then connect the ground terminal on the switch to the metal part under the dash. After that, connect the load side of the switch with a wire. Take this wire through the firewall into the engine compartment and connect it to battery. After you are done with the wiring process, double check if all the wiring is secure. Re-connect the ground terminal of the battery.

Step 5: Wiring the fog lights with the headlight switch

Repeat the same process above. Only change here would be that you would have to connect the wires to the headlight switches instead. Connect two parts of the wire of the lights, one to the high end beam and the other to the low end beam.

Check everything again and test if the setup is working.


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