How to turn on fog lights

If you are prone to driving areas with fog, mist and heavy rains, you must have already got Fog Lights set up on to your vehicle bumper. It is not useful but also important but also provides safety against road bumps and blocks. Usually these lights would be wired to your headlights. They do not come pre-equipped and always have to be added externally. Only in some heavy duty vehicles, they are pre-equipped. In order to turn on the fog lights, if you follow these simple steps, you can turn them on as soon as you are in the need for it.

Step 1

Switch on your headlights. Without the headlights being on, the fog lights are also automatically off.

Step 2

Keep the headlights on the low beam end. This is important and essential as the fog lights will only function when the headlights are on low beam. It would not work if the headlights are on high beam.

Step 3

There will be an inner ring on the turn signal level which is connected to the fog lights. Locate the inner ring.

Step 4

There will usually be fog light symbol attached. Switch it on.

Step 5

Similarly turn the inner ring off when you do not need the fog lights anymore. Please keep in mind that if you use the fog lights or use it unnecessarily in a pleasant weather, it may blind the other drivers as the beam is quite strong. Only use the lights in weather conditions which require it.

If you just got your fog lights installed, try turning them off and on several times before you actually hit the road to get the idea of how it works and so that you can use it instantly when required.


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