Top 5 Best Eaton Elocker For Jeep

To avoid all tricky situations involving off-road drives, you are likely to go for an e-locker that solves all your traction problems with the ‘push of a button’. And so, these Eaton Elockers are your go-to.

An Elocker is basically a next gen locking mechanism. They allow you to lock or unlock differentials by providing an adhesive friction, getting the wheels of your four-wheeler good contact on surfaces that are bumpy.

But finding yourself an electronic locker that is low maintenance yet durable and reliable can be difficult. That brings us to this Eaton elocker review.

The Eaton 19818-010 weighs only approximately 23 pounds with dimensions of 10.7 x 9.3 x 6.5 inches.Capturing the entire available torque, the Eaton 19818-010 elocker then sends the rotation force to the two ends of the axle and works as a full locker.

The Eaton 912A585, on the other hand, needs no friction modifier additive. Also, you are unlikely to notice any power transfer while driving. Yes, not even on the axels of your front wheel.

The elocker by design allocates the torque to the wheel, taking into account the ground condition.In addition to these two, the Eaton 187SL16C weighs 19 pounds, and is the most reliable, supplying traction in terrains that are muddy, rocky, or even snowy.

The Eaton 19659-010 comes with a 30 spline differential. The elocker operates as an open elocker until you, the driver, decide that you need more tow.

The fifth elocker by Eaton that you would want to consider for your jeep would be the Eaton 914A538. A 33-spline elocker, Eaton 914A538 weighs approximately 45.1 pounds. The no maintenance yet effective traction makes it a popular elocker choice among 4-wheeler owners.​

Best Eaton Elocker Reviews

#1. Eaton 19818-010

The Eaton 19818-010 works with 27 spline axels. The elocker is in action as soon as you start your vehicle. While on a regular terrain, the elocker offers open differential which can be changed into full spool with the flick of a switch. The automatic actuation makes the elocker highly reliable and consistent. You will require a carrier bearing of LM102949 and LM102911.

Things we liked!

  • Durability
  • Ability to capture entire torque
  • ​Capacity to alter from open to full spool in the switch of a button

Things we did not like!

  • Does not work with thick gears

#2. Eaton 912A585

The Eaton 912A585 improves wheel traction by making use of helical gears. This differential weighs 18 pounds and works with a 27 spline axle. It is quiet and smooth which gives it an advantage over other elockers. In normal driving conditions, this Eaton elocker works as a standard differential. This allows one wheel to spin slower or faster, as necessary. But, as soon as there is a change of terrain, the rotational force is shifted to the wheel that is moving faster

Things we liked!

  • Requires no additive to modify friction
  • Easy power transfer
  • Assigns torque according to road conditions
  • Limited-slip maneuver

Things we did not like!

  • Expensive

#3. Eaton 187SL16C

The smooth actuation of the elocker and the toughness provided makes it a sought-after product for slippery roadways. This differential works with a 30 spline axle. If you have a C-Clip style axle, then you can avail this elocker. It keeps your wheels in drive mode, constantly, and without any delay changes the speed differentiation when the road demands.

Things we liked!

  • High reliability
  • Quality performance in variety of difficult terrains
  • Electromagnetic locking system

Things we did not like!

  • Expensive

#4. Eaton 19659-010

An electronically actuated locker, the Eaton 19659-010 fits in gear ratios that are 2.73 and higher. This elocker is attuned with front as well as back axles. These are the most stable lockers in terms of performance. The process of installation too is easy for these elockers.

Things we liked!

  • The elocker performs as an open differential.
  • Changes into full locker once you increase traction.

Things we did not like!

  • Requires special bearings

#5. Eaton 914A538

This elocker works with a 33-spline axle, and is comparatively less expensive. The gears are helically designed. This makes the use of wearable parts unnecessary. As a result, though the elocker is highly effective, smooth and tough, yet it does not require regular maintenance. It is suggested that you do not use friction modifiers, as they are likely to ruin your elocker’s performance.

Things we liked!

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Semi-floating axle

Things we did not like!

  • Heavy

Benefits of using an elocker

An elocker provides a number of advantages. Here are a few:

  • It is a way out for all traction-related problems.
  • The elocker, on the driver’s command, allows complete axle lock.
  • Improves your vehicles performance when off-road or on a difficult terrain.
  • Lube additives are not required, which makes them maintenance free.
  • Compared to standard cut gear, the elocker is more durable

Things to know before installing an elocker

Before installing a new product, there are a few prerequisites that you need to skim through first:

  • Before installing, you need to get the correct pattern of the gear.
  • You need to make sure you have the necessary carrier bearings.
  • Another tool that you will require is a case spreader, which helps get rid of housing pressure. This makes the process of installation easier.
  • A drill machine is essential because you will need to make a cavity in the differential housing.
  • A rubber grommet will come in handy to seal this hole once the installation is done.

In this Eaton elocker review, Eaton 19818-010 is our top pick. Because of the smoothness, automatic actuation and the ability to gather the entire torque and equally provide the torque to both the ends of your vehicle’s axle, makes it our favorite.


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