Best Spartan Locker For Jeep Cherokee

It is always better to err on the side of caution. For this reason, you need to invest in a locker that provides great traction while eliminating chances of a wheel spin-up. And so, these lockers from Spartan are the products you should consider.

A locker is fundamentally a locking differential. It locks both the wheels on an axle, so that they behave like they belong to a common shaft. As a result, the wheels turn together. The separate traction available to the two wheels becomes inconsequential.

But getting yourself a locker that offers high strength, has an excessively robust end assembly, is a product preferred by performance enthusiasts, and yet is comparatively inexpensive, can be difficult. That brings us to this Spartan locker review.

The Standard Gear (SL D30-27) Spartan Locker weighs approximately 5 pounds with dimensions 12.8 x 12.1 x 3.2 inches.

The locker is the ideal merger of affordability and high quality performance.

The YUKON GEAR & AXLE SL XP-C8.25 Spartan Locker, on the other hand, is designed with a cross pin shaft to improve the traction provided to the wheels.

Its easy installation with no need of a special equipment or apparatus makes it a personal favorite.

The Spartan Locker for Chrysler with heavy-duty cross pin shaft is robust because it is created with 9310 steel. As a result, it provides impressive pull to your wheels. This makes the lockers highly reliable.

The Spartan Locker for 29-spline axles comes with a cross pin arrangement that is further hardened than other lockers in the market.

Though comparatively cheaper, this locker for 29-spline axle gives the heavy-weights a tough competition.

Finally, the fifth locker for jeeps by Spartan that you might want to check out is the SL D60-35 Spartan Locker. To give your vehicle great traction while saving some cash, you should consider trying out this model.

This locker weighs 10.2 pounds and has the measurement of 13x12x3 inches. Compared to other locking differentials, this locker gives an increased power output.

Reviews of The Best Spartan Lockers

#1. Standard Gear (SL D30-27) Spartan Locker

The SL D30-27 Spartan Locker is an easy high on demand locker that is stress-free to install and offers great traction when driving off-road.

A mechanical locker, this Spartan locker is an edge above the orthodox lunchbox lockers. It is essentially designed with a distinctive pin arrangement that makes its fitting very hassle-free.

It is treated with extreme heat to enhance its strength. It fits Dana 30 with 27 spine axle


  • High strength
  • Extended life
  • Steel exterior
  • Easy installation


  • Makes a clicking noise while turning when driving on normal roads

#2. YUKON GEAR & AXLE SL XP-C8.25 Spartan Locker

Weighing 6.9 pounds, this Spartan Locker comes with dimensions 9.9 x 6.2 x 5.2 inches.

The locker is a hit among four-wheeler owners because it negates drive-line trauma that can be caused by a spin-up of wheels by avoiding the spin-up in the first place.

It is compatible with a variety of open carrier vehicle makes and models


  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy

#3. Spartan Locker for Chrysler with heavy-duty cross pin shaft 

This locker comes with a durable cross pin shaft and works with a 27-spline axle. Produced with 9310 steel, this locker from Spartan is heavy-duty and reliable. Fully automatic, the engine power is easily transferred to the wheels to provide traction, because of which the risk of accidents is lowered greatly.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Added strength
  • Quick transfer of torque


  • Relatively expensive

#4. Spartan Locker for 29-spline axles

Compatible with model 20 that comes with a 29-spline axle, this Spartan locker has no thrust washers which makes the process of fitting a cake walk. The pin shaft in the locking differential is hard-wearing, further reducing the efforts that go into maintaining the parts.


  • Excellent off-road
  • Professional installation is not required
  • Does not require thrust washers


  • Limited general application

#5. SL D60-35 Spartan Locker

This locker from Spartan fits a Dana 30 in the front and is compatible with axles that have 35 splines. When driving off-road but in a straight line, the locker locks both your wheels. But as soon as you turn, it frees one wheel to allow the spin.


  • Patented arrangement for easy installation
  • Smoothly shifts power from the engine to the tire when there is need for traction


  • Noisy during conventional drives

Final Verdict

In this Spartan locker review, Standard Gear (SL D30-27) Spartan Locker is our top pick. It is light, affordable, has a commendable durability and increased strength to be a performance enthusiast’s first choice.

The fact that its installation is stress-free and does not require professional help acts in its advantage


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