Rust Oleum Peel Coat Review

Rust Oleum Peel Coat is a coating which is temporary and pretty much peelable. It is popularly used for coating vehicle parts which includes the wheels, the hood, rims e.t.c. This peel coat is often added as finisher where in it customizes your vehicle parts and surfaces and provides it with a smooth and matte type finish. It is washable and hence, gives the user of this coating much more flexibility with going innovative on customization, (check out the post "how to remove plasti dip" in this blog to have your own comparison between Rust Oleum Peel Coat and Plasti Dip). This type of coating is suitable for surfaces which are metal, plastic or glass. From personal experience and online reviews, the average lifespan and durability of the Rust Oleum coating comes up to a good three months.

The finish of the final coating depends on how well you have used the product. Having said that 7 out of 10 times, Rust Oleum Peel Coat is known to leave a matte and smooth finish without any bubbles or roughness. The rest 3/10 times, the weather condition, cleanliness of the surface, handling the product might lead to a rough coat causing a bad looking finish which does not satisfy the user.

Cleanliness wise, the matter surface of the coating is known to attract dust and other dirt easily. It can be difficult to clean because if you scrub a little too hard, there is a chance that the peel coat might just peel off easily. So cleanliness and maintenance can be an issue. The good thing about this is that the Rust Oleum Peel Coat covers a large area in just one can and you will not have to hesitate redoing the whole coating, if you are willing to. One can of the Rust Oleum Peel Coat cab cover up to four wheels if used properly without wastage.

Peeling the coating is one of the easiest steps. It comes out easy and does not require a lot of efforts in comparison to other coatings like Flexi Dip and Plasti Dip. The product’s USP is its temporary usage giving the users more opportunity to use different styles and customizations.

The Rust Oleum Peel gives a lot of options in colors, which are a lot more than what are available for other coatings. It offers about 15 colors to choose from. Once you apply the peel coat, even the rough surfaces smooth out. There may be cases where if there is a drip on the surface, it would be noticeable unless you apply a few more coats. If you are trying to cover some spots, you would require more coats of the Rust Oleum Peel Coat as it is quite thin and in order to have a thick cover, more coatings are required. People use the thin characteristic of this coating to add effects to the surfaces like stripes and shapes from this on top of the normal coating that they have. Since it is easy to peel off, if the design goes wrong, it can be easily peeled off.


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