How to remove rain guards

Rain guards are attached to your car shield with most often a double sided tape. The tape has a strong grip and is designed to stay intact in all weather conditions.

Most of the cars and other vehicles come pre-equipped or with complimentary rain guards. Rain guards are an important part of driving as it gives the driver a better view of the road by wiping away the rain water drops from the car.

 If you follow these simple steps, you can remove the rain guards all on your own.

Step 1: Gathering a fishing rod or an angling line or floss

Cut an area of angling line or floss that is no less than 18 inches long. Grasp the closures of the floss or string and guide the center segment under the back lip of the rain watch. You need to ensure that the size of the line or floss that you use is big enough to pass through so that you do not end up wasting a lot of your materials.

Step 2: Removing the rain guards from the car

Work forward and backward in a saw movement toward the inverse end of the rain protect. On front-entryway rain guards, work the floss or angling line forward until the point that it slips into the mirror top. Force the floss or angling line out of the mirror top and expel the rain protect from the entryway. Ensure that you do not use excessive force so that you do not end up damaging your car at any point. You also need to be careful while doing this as you need to try and force the entire rain guard out and not bits and pieces as it will much more efforts to remove the small leftover pieces.

Step 3: Peeling off remaining tape

Peel any vast bits of leftover tape from the entryway. Apply some glue remover or rubbing liquor to a cloth. Tenderly rub the lingering tape and cement from the entryway. Try not to permit the glue remover or rubbing liquor to come into contact with the painted surface of the entryway or vehicle.

Any tape that gets left over looks really bad and damages the aesthetics of the car. You need to ensure that all the pieces are removed well. You can use a wet cloth or a cloth dipped in some oil to get rid of the leftover tape

Step 4: Installing New rain guards if required

To put in new rain guards, begin by cleaning the range with cleanser and water. Sit tight for the region to dry, at that point peel the support from the tape on another rain protect. Slide the front end of the watch into the mirror top for a front-entryway rain monitor. Adjust the protect to the best and side edges of the window opening. Hold up 24 hours before presenting the vehicle to high speeds or wet conditions.

Step 5: Clean Up

Wipe off anything all the water or oil from the shields and ensure that the car is dry as it is always a good idea to keep your car clean and dry.

Please take expert help in case you are unaware about the car parts well as a damage in parts can be much more expensive.

 If you follow this DIY step by step, you should be easily able to remove the rain guards from your car or any vehicle.


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