Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

Plasti Dip Glossifier is addition to Plasti Dip to give it a glossy finish instead of the matte finish. It is applied over the surface of plasti dip coating. If you do not like the matte finish of your plasti dip coating, this turns out to be pretty good option over those expensive powder coatings and can be retouched every time you feel it is losing its shine. It is also an easy to use and simple way to getting your tires that glossy look which is usually achieved after you get them coated freshly. It is more like an add on to your original plasti dip coating.

Plasti dip glossifiers has gathered positive and negative reviews. From what we have gathered, there are good and bad things about it depending on how you use it and how to remove plasti dip.


Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

Plasti Dip Glossifier Reviews

If your Plasti Dip coating is good and smooth, there is a good chance that the plasti dip glossifier will have a good grip on the surface just after 2-3 layers are enough to give you a glossy finish. Having said that, it depends on how you apply the coat. A uniform coating is hard to achieve in the first time and if you keep putting coatings one after the other, it becomes even more non-uniform. The first time you apply Plasti Dip Glossifier, it is difficult to handle the coating. It is usually seen that people end up adding multiple layers of coat and end up getting a thick layer of unfinished glossifier.

Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

The real problem arises when you have to remove the layer of gloss because of its unfinished surface. If you have freshly applied the glossy paint, it might still be easier to remove it by wiping it off. In case it dries and then you decide to peel it off, most of the times, it so happens that the plasti dip layer also gets knocked off and it becomes impossible to remove the layer. If you do not want to ruin the plasti dip layer, always remove the plasti dip glossifier only when it is wet.

Coming back to application of the plasti dip glossifier, apply a few thick layers for it to stay on for a longer time. Usually the thin coats might peel off when you give your tires a rough car wash and you might have to retouch the layer here and there every once a while. To avoid that, apply 2-3 thick layers of plasti dip glossifier over the top and let it rest untouched.

As mentioned above, the look and feel of the plasti dip glossifier depends heavily on your coating. We know people who gave awful reviews to the plasti dip glossifier but on further inspection, it was clear that it was due to their rough and coarse layer of plasti dip coating beneath. Since Plasti Dip coating can be tough to apply evenly, plasti dip glossifier adds a good effect to it. However, if you cannot spray it well, always ask for help to achieve a clean glossy look.

Top benefits when apply plasti dip glossifier

#1. The plasti dip glossifier leaves a smooth and nice texture after drying.

The glossy finish can be used in contrast to your color of the plasti dip coating to help you achieve the original color and finish that you wanted. A can of plasti dip glossifier costs between $8 to $10. The more coats you apply evenly, the glossier it gets due to high coverage and intensity. It is a cheaper alternative to powder coating and thus, widely popular.

#2. The plasti dip glossifier not only looks good but also has a few uses and benefits.

The most important one of them is that it resists moisture. It means that the coating does not withered and your tires remains safe and free from corrosion even in a humid environment, rains and any exposure to water. One of the lesser known benefits of the plasti dip glossifier is that it protects against electrical shocks. As shocking as that sounds, it is true. Since it is a rubberized layer, it acts as an insulator for electricity and protects your vehicle and you from any kind of electrical damage.

#3. Plasti dip glossifier such as it resists acids and alkalis

It is Anti-Skid and Anti-Slip. It means that you can have a decent drive in water prone areas without the fear of your tire screeching and slipping and protects your precious tires from being a mess. It is also abrasion resistant which will help protect your tires for a longer span. It is also known to be durable and not crack even under extreme conditions of heat and humidity.

Top best plasti dip glossifiers​

Performix 11209 Plasti Dip Clear Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating.

Bundle - 7 Pieces - Plasti Dip Gloss Wheel Kit - Black

Plasti Dip - Rubber Dip Spray - Gallon - Glossifier

Plasti Dip Glossifier Review
Plasti Dip Glossifier Review
Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

The application and maintenance will determine how beneficial the plasti dip glossifier is to you. Always refer to expert guidance online or offline while applying it to get desired results


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