How To Wire Offroad Lights

Off-road lights are the lights for a vehicle which are designed specifically for different types of tasks which cannot be performed by headlights that well. Usually the Off-road lights are used when there is thick fog or there is heavy rainfall and the way ahead requires extra illumination to drive safely. It is even used at time for search and rescue. Off-road lights do not come fit in vehicles and are not commonly used. People who feel the need for it get it installed separately as it easily available.

Wiring Off-Road Lights can be simple if you follow proper steps and do not go haywire in the process. Always seek professional help if you are not good with electrical wiring. Below are some simple steps which will guide you on how to wire off-road lights:

Step 1: Disconnect Battery

First and foremost, disconnect the ground terminal on the battery as this is important for safety and for the connection of the lights as well.

Step 2: Mounting the lights

Decide the mounting spot for your off road lights. In case this is your first time and you are not sure which would be the ideal spot, as someone who knows how to wire off-road lights as they would have an idea. It is always a good idea to place the lights temporarily before you fix the lights so that you can change it later if required.

How to wire Off-road lights 1

How to wire Off-road lights 1

Step 3: Placing the switch

Once you have decided the spot of the off-road lights, place the switch in a location which would be convenient to the driver to switch on and off. Use the same trick here, place it temporarily making sure t can be changed if required as per the driver’s convenience.

Step 4: Wiring the Off-road Lights

The wire that comes from under the dash, connect that with the switch terminal on the lights. After this, connect the battery terminal on the lights to the battery. Now, connect the ground terminal on the switch to the metal part under the dash. Now connect the center lug of the switch with a wire. Take that wire through the firewall into the engine compartment and connect it to battery. Try keeping slightly extra length of the wire to move the switch around if required later. Once you are done with the setup, check if all the connections are secure. Connect back the ground terminal of the battery.

Step 5: Testing

Test by switching the lights on and off multiple times to ensure that the connection is secure and not loose.

To summarise the process, the lights have to be connected to the ground and to the switch. The switch has to be connected to the ground and to the battery. The battery has to be connected to the switch and the ground. This is an easy process if you even have slight experience with handling electrical wiring.


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