How To Wire Fog Lights Without A Relay

Fog lights are the kind of lights built to aid the driver see the road even in fog conditions. The fog lights have a beam shape. The light steak by the fog lights are flat which provides a good range and visibility in extreme fog weather. They are most often mounted on the bumper of a vehicle which offers for a good lighting distance from the road and provides a good beam. They come in yellow and white lights. You can choose which will fit you best as per the vehicle you are using it on and as per the traffic rules of your state.

When you plan to wire fog lights on your own, you have two options, whether you want to wire it onto a separate switch or wire it via a relay. In general, people use a relay to wire a fog lights because it is more useful and easier to use. If you are not much of a fog-light user and want to save the money you would spend on a relay here are step by step instructions on how how to wire fog lights without using a relay:

Step 1: Disconnecting the battery

Whenever you are wiring or doing any technical work with your car wiring, the first step is to disconnect the ground terminal on the battery for safety reasons and also because you can do your work without the fear of being electrocuted from the current from the battery

Step 2: On-board the lights on desired location

As mentioned, fog lights are most often placed on the bumper. As per your vehicle design, place the lights on the location you think is most suitable.

Step 3: Switch Placement

Once you place the fog lights in the right location, attach the switch in a location which would be easy for the driver to access and switch on and off swiftly.

Step 4: Wiring the fog lights without a relay

Since you would not be using a relay, connect the wire which comes under the dash to the switch terminal on the lights directly. Not using a relay eliminates the process of having to connect everything to the relay and the control is shifted to the switch directly. After this, connect the battery terminal on the lights to the battery. Now you need to connect the ground terminal on the switch to the metal part under the dash. Now connect the load side of the switch with a wire. You now need to take this wire through the firewall into the engine compartment and connect it to battery.

Step 5: Reconnect the battery

Always double check if all the wiring is secure. Re-connect the ground terminal of the battery.

Unless you want to save on cost, it is always more advisable to use a relay as you get the power to control the beam as per your requirement which saves on battery and gives a better driving experience.


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