How To Install Fog Light DIY In 5 Easy Steps

Fog lights are lights particularly intended to enable the driver to see the street through the fog. The Fog lights are an extraordinary beam-sort molded lights and mainly comes in a bar shape. They have beams which are ground level and are wide to permit most extreme visibility even in thick fog. They are typically set in the lower segment of the car to enable the driver to see the street. The best fog Lights are generally set close to the guard of the vehicle. They come in yellow and white lights.

The installation process of fog lights is straightforward. There can be two alternatives, whether you want to wire it onto a different switch or on the same one from the headlights. Generally individuals who work in fog-inclined regions complete the wiring to the headlights as it is a better alternative.

Step 1: Disconnecting The Ground Terminal of The Battery

In every situation where you do any sort of wiring to your vehicle, dependably separate the ground terminal on the battery as this is a safety direction and in addition takes into account a better set up as you would not need to stress over being shocked.

Step 2: Place Fog Lights On Their Spot

Pick the mounting area for your fog lights. Generally these lights are put on the guard yet put it according to your requirement and use. It is best to put the fog lights incidentally first before you connect the lights for all time so you can transform it later if required.

Step 3: Place The Switch In The Desired Location

After you have put the fog lights in the coveted place, put the switch in an area which would be advantageous to the driver to turn on and off.

Step 4: Wiring the fog lights with a different switch

The wire that originates from under the dash, connect that with the switch terminal on the lights. Presently connect the battery terminal on the lights to the battery. At that point connect the ground terminal on the change to the metal part under the dash. From that point onward, interface the load side of the switch with a wire. Take this wire through the firewall into the engine compartment and interface it to battery. After you are finished with the wiring procedure, check if all the wiring is secure. Re-interface the ground terminal of the battery.

Step 5: Reconnect the ground terminal of the battery

Once the setup is secure, reconnect the battery and test if the setup is working fine. Switch off the lights twice or thrice to confirm if there is no loose wiring or any flickering.

Fog Lights are particularly easy to install. If you do not have an idea of handling wires before, try and ask for guidance so that you do not mess up your vehicle. Safety comes first so always keep your hands dry while wiring.


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