How to get rid of orange peel?

Orange peel in simple words is an error while doing a paint job. It makes your surface look like that of an orange peel. It usually appears on the surface which has been repainted. Orange Peel may happen due to improper use of paint, thinner or painting technique. It deprives you getting that flat shine on your vehicle or other surfaces. In this special post, I will provide the steps-by-steps how to get rid of orange peel?

Required Materials

The materials you will need to clean orange peel from the surface: Sand paper (500 grit and 2000 grit), Tape, Water, Rubbing compound, Polishing compound, Spray Wax, terry cloth bonnet and glaze (If required)

Orange Peel Removal Process

  1. Before you begin, ensure that all the areas around the surface which do not require orange peel removal are taped off as during the sanding process you do not want to get rid of paint from those areas as well.
  2. Start off by wetting the surface and using 1500 grit sandpaper all over it till you get a matte like finish of the surface. In case there are areas which cannot be done with the sandpaper, use a 2000 grit and get rid of the coating in hard corners as well. While doing this, ensure that you do not it so hard that the underneath paint comes off because it will require a full paint job. We just want to get rid of the top coating in the wet sand process.
  3. Once this is done, you will need to wipe off the surface. Also it is advisable to change the tape from the areas with a fresh layer as most of it might have become worn out during the sanding process and you do not want to get the coating on top of them.
  4. Now, put the rubbing compound on the Terry cloth bonnet and start rubbing on the surface. You need to rub the compound nice and evenly in quick motions throughout the surface in order to get a shiny and even finish. Once that is done, leave it for a good 5-10 minutes.
  5. After the rubbing compound is all set, use a spray wax. You need only a few sprays and then you can rub it with the terry cloth bonnet or even with a plain clean piece of cloth.
  6. It is now time to spray on the polish. Use the polish in the Terry cloth bonnet and rub it quickly spreading it out evenly. Keep rubbing in the same motion till you get a perfect shine and finish. After this is done, you can choose to apply glaze over the surface. For this, you need to simply spread the glaze with your hands. The glaze serves dual purpose, gives your surface a little extra shine and in addition to that, protects your layer of polish from extreme weather conditions.

Pull of the taped areas. Your surface should be ready to go. In case you still see some orange peel, you can choose to repeat the procedure again and get a complete flat shine to your surface. Or you can use other way to paint your car, for example to use best plasti dip to dip your car, this way is more flexible and easy to remove when needed!


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