Harbor Freight 2000 lb Winch Review

This compact portable electric marine winch mounts securely to your trailer to provide heavy duty pulling power for boats and watercraft, vehicles and other loading jobs. The marine winch can be mounted permanently on your trailer, truck bed or bumper or you can use the adapter plate to anchor the winch to your trailer ball. The weather resistant high-impact housing has a molded handle for easy portability.

Harbor Freight 2000 lb winch review

Harbor Freight 2000 lb winch review

Harbor Freight 2000 lb Winch Specification​



Power Supply

12VDC Battery

Rated Capacity

Dead Pull: 2000 lb.

Marine Pull: 5000 lb.

Rolling Stock Pull: 6000 lb.

Maximum Boat Weight

5,000 lb.–(about 18 ft. Boat Length)

Drum (Dia. x L)

1" x 3-1/8"

Overall Dimensions

9-1/2" L x 7-1/2" W x 10" H

Wire Rope

Ø3/16" x 30'

Galvanized Steel

Hook Opening


​Harbor Freight 2000 lb Highlight features

  • Three-stage straight gear drive system handles boats to 18 ft.30 ft.
  • Aircraft grade wire rope
  • Handheld remote with 10 ft. cord20 ft. battery cable with clamps
  • Optional hand crank for manual operation
  • Carry handle for maximum portability

How to winch with Harbor Freight 2000 lb winch?​

  1. Select a mounting site on the boat trailer, vehicle bumper, truck bed, or other suitable location. (Please notice that: this winch is not waterproof and is not intended for use underwater. Do not mount in locations that are subject to submersion in water)
  2. If a mounting plate (not included) is used, it must be flat and rated to at least the Winch’s capacity.
  3. ​Align the Winch perpendicular to the center line of the vehicle at the desired location. Use mounting holes in the Winch Frame Assembly (34) as a template to mark the spots where holes will need to be drilled in the installation surface.
  4. Before drilling, verify that the installation surface has no hidden components or structural pieces that will be damaged.
  5. Drill 3/8" holes at the marked locations.
  6. Bolt the Winch to the installation surface using 3/8" galvanized/zinc plated bolts, nuts and washers (not included) of SAE Grade 5 or higher.

​From customers who love this winch for theirs work, they love the compact size and easy to use, light-weight, portable winch to load light-weight units (under capacity of 2000 lbs).


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