Flexidip Vs Plasti Dip: Which is Better?

When you are planning to coat your car with an extra layer of these easy coat materials, you can get confused whether to buy Plasti dip or Flexi Dip. Although both are similar in nature, they are quite different from each other. They are both equally good at protecting the surface from corrosion as well.

There are some differences between the two. A few people prefer one over the other due to the difference in the kind of utility they are looking for. To help you find out the best plasti dip for your car, We have come up with the best differences between the two so you can pick up the best option for your need.

1. Pricing

For some people, having a budgeted coating is a priority. Plasti Dip is slightly on the expensive end as compared to the flexi dip, Plasti Dip cans may cost approximately up to $20 while Flexi Dip can be bought in $10 as well. This makes Flexi Dip a cheaper alternative to Plasti Dip.

2. Coating Thickness

From the most popular reviews of both the dips, it becomes clear that Plasti Dip provides for a thicker coating. It has been seen that the coating of Flexi Dip can be thinner than the plasti Dip. Depending on the type of coating you are looking at, both of them have their advantages. For surfaces where you cannot put a thick coating, flexi Dip serves to be the best option and surfaces which are prone to corrosion and require a thick coating, it is probably a better idea to go for Plasti Dip.

3. Smoothness

It is often argued that one Dip is more smoother than the other. While it may be true but it is usually dependant on the fact of how you apply the coating. Even the best coating can look rough if you do not apply it properly and the bad coatings might look good if done well. So this difference which is often considered in favor of the one, holds no relevance as such. From what we have researched and seen, there are almost close to equal reviews of Plati Dip and Flexi Dip being better between the two for smoothness.

4. Consistency

The consistency of Plasti Dip is generally considered to be better than Flexi Dip. All the packs of Plasti Dip have the same consistency throughout and in some reviews from Flexi Dip which shows that Flexi Dip was not consistent throughout. Again, it depends on how you used the item. It is always advisable to shake the can of paint for a good time before you start using it to ensure that everything is properly mixed and consistent. It is also a good idea to keep shaking the can and mixing it at regular intervals while using it to ensure a uniform texture throughout the coating surface.

5. Color

Plasti Dip and Flexi Dip both have common colors but Flexi Dip has a few more options like Pink and Orange which are not available in Plasti Dip. Not only that, Flexi Dip provides options in Black as well called Matte Black and Granite. For color variety, you can always choose Flexi Dip. Also, Plasti Dip provides you with three options in the color Blue which is a very popular choice for most of the coatings while Flexi Dip has very few shades and color options in blue.

6. Uniformity in application

Flexi Dip evens itself out while painting it while Plasti Dip requires more focus and work. Flexi Dip can be easily be painted uniformly while Plasti Dip requires more efforts. So if you want to do less work and achieve an evenly smooth surface, you can opt for Flexi Dip.

7. Coverage

Since Plasti Dip is thicker, it leads to a higher coverage with less paint while Flexi Dip requires more coats to cover the surface properly to an extent where the surface is completely protected of the external environment.

8. Removal of the Dips

Plasti Dip allows for a thicker surface and is slightly easier to remove than Flexi Dip. Due to the thickness, the paint comes out easily while Flexi Dip which is thinner, sticks to the surface tightly making it slightly more difficult to remove it off. Having said that, even Plasti Dip takes a lot of efforts to remove. Only if it is applied in a uniform coat, it can be peeled off easily. Even If Flexi Dip is applied in a one coat layer, it can be easily peeled off. Check out "How to remove plasti dip?" post on this blog.

Both Flexi Dip and Plasti Dip have proven to be good quality rubberised coatings with characteristics of their own. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with the coating and what you are exactly looking for which will help you in choosing the best coating coating for you use.


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