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To help your vehicle get around all kinds of terrain, you might want a locker that works as a standard differential when on normal road, but automatically converts into a locker when there is a dearth of traction, without your knowledge or even your engagement. For this reason, these Detroit Truetrac lockers are your best picks.

Detroit Truetrac is a unique locking apparatus. It is helically-shaped and offers automated engagement. That is, when there is a loss of traction, the locking differential, without your awareness or action, captures the entire rotational force and transfers it to the high-traction wheel. When the speedily turning wheel slows, the Detroit Truetrac differential again returns to normal operation.

Choosing a locker that is durable and approved by performance enthusiasts can be a challenge, though with this review it might just seem like a child’s play.

The Eaton 913A582 Detroit truetrac with dimensions of 10.7 x 9.3 x 6.5 inches, provides traction while being almost entirely maintenance free. This means you and your car get to spend more time on the road!

The gears of this performance differential engages with the growing force, thus preventing any spin-ups.

The Eaton 913A589 Detroit Truetrac, on the contrary, offers limited slip maneuver. Though it does not provide a 100 per cent lock up, it operates better than a full locking differential. It does not hop around corners even when you drive on snowy routes.

The Eaton 913A368 Detroit Truetrac comes third on this list of Detroit truetrac performance differentials. It works with a 31-spline axle, and supplies validated performance in the harshest of conditions.

Also, the fact that it is easy to set up, and requires no professional assistance, is a cherry on the cake.

The Eaton 913A592 Detroit Truetrac weighs 25 pounds and its dimensions are 10.7 x 9.3 x 6.5 inches.

The differential allows one wheel to turn faster than the other when on-road, but as soon as the vehicle goes off-road, the gear separation dynamism starts. The force is transferred to the wheel with higher traction until the gyration is lowered or stopped.

The fifth Detroit Truetrac differential by Eaton that you should consider is the Eaton 913A586 Detroit Truetrac. A 31-spline locking differential, this locker weighs about 16 pounds.

It has no issues when it comes to performance or maintenance, and that is what makes it a popular choice

Top Rated Detroit Truetrac Reviews

#1. Eaton 913A582 Detroit Truetrac

Weighing at 28.6 pounds, this Detroit truetrac is a leading product by Eaton. The performance differential changes into a full locker automatically without engagement of the driver, and does so without a noise. It improves the driving as well as handling features of your vehicle. It boosts wheel traction, because of which it is high on demand.


  • Durability
  • Maintenance free
  • Limited slip differential


  • Relatively expensive

#2. Eaton 913A589 Detroit Truetrac - Detroit Locker Dana 44

The Eaton 913A589 works with a 30-spline axle for dana 44 and weighs about 24.5 pounds. It is efficient and durable. If yours is an emergency vehicle, then you can totally really on the helical style pinion gears. When there is a loss of tow, though it works as efficiently as full lockers, it does not make a dragging or a screeching noise. This gives it an additional benefit.


  • No wearable parts
  • Unit automated
  • Highly consistent


  • Cannot offer 100 per cent lock up

#3. Eaton 913A368 Detroit Truetrac

At 32.5 pounds, the Eaton 913A368 is a 31 spline performance differential. It offers a smooth transfer of torque even for semi-floating axles. With this differential, you will not need any limited slip stabilizer.

The design is proven to work effectively in off-road activities, that too without any chattering racket.


  • Excellent performance in difficult terrains
  • Noticeably enhances traction
  • Easy installation
  • Does not wear out prematurely


  • Comparatively heavy

#4. Eaton 913A592 Detroit Truetrac

An automated performance differential, the Eaton 913A592 fits in ring gear pinion ratios which are 3.92 and higher.

Because it is extensively engineered and authenticated, the locker works way better than other open differentials. Situations when your one wheel is in air and the other is on the road, the locker transfers the torque to the latter and ensures safety.


  • Performs as an open differential
  • Rivals expensive lockers


  • Does not lock mid-air

#5. Eaton 913A586 Detroit Truetrac

The Eaton 913A586 works with a 31-spline differential. Relatively it is inexpensive, and yet, when it comes to performance, it does not compromise or even expect you to compromise.

The locker is smooth yet tough, and provides traction that is 0 maintenance. The helically shaped gears lock the increasing rotational force more effectively, and by doing so, provide you with high quality control over your wheels


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Requires some amount of resistance for the wheel on ground to begin the transfer of force

In this Detroit truetrac review, Eaton 913A582 is our top pick. The durability, limited slip maneuver offered and the augmentation of traction makes it a much coveted differential.

Also, the fact that it requires minimum time in the garage as it has no wearable parts, is a bonus.


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