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Fog lights are lights which are designed specially to aid the driver see the road through the fog. The Fog lights are a unique beam shaped lights. They often come in a narrow bar shape. They have beams which are flat and are wide which allows maximum visibility in dense fog conditions. They are placed in the lower parts of the car which allows the driver to view the road. The Fog Lights are mainly placed on the bumper of the vehicle. The lights come in yellow and white color depending upon the rules and the use.

When buying a fog light, it is always a good idea to buy the best in class because it is a one-time investment and if you are fitting it on your own, it does require a lot of time as well.

A good idea to choose the best fog light is to ensure that it has a beam which is good enough to survive the dense fog and can even provide you with extra off-road features so that you do not have to get two separate lights unless you have extreme need for it.

The best fog lights that we have come across and are very popular and have garnered mostly positive reviews are as follows:

1. Nilight pot Driving Fog Light Offroad Led Lights Bar

Nilight Pot Driving Fog lights provide a Super Bright Spot Beam as it comes with high quality LED chips which emits bright white light. The concentrated spot beam of these lights can illuminate to a good distance.One of the best part about these lights it that it comes with adjustable mounting bracket which allows the drivers to adjust the light pods to about 45 degree which allows for an easy change of direction of the light beam as required. These fog lights are designed specially to last for about 30,000 hours which is higher than what other fog lights promise. This is possible because of the uniquely designed aluminum alloy cooling fins which gives durability to the lights.


  • The lights are waterproof up to 3.3 feet of water which helps if you are driving inwaterlogged areas.
  • The lights are dust proof which makes it even more low-maintenance and long lasting.


  • The mounting screws do not thread to the mount base completely and thus, requires youto do it.
  • The screws and bolts can be a little difficult to install.

#2. MICTUNING Curved LED Work Light Bar Combo Off Road DrivingFog Light

MICTUNING Curved LED Work Light Bar Combo is a dual feature light which gives you the bestof both types of lights.

It offers super clear visibility from its premium LED which can emit up to6000K crystal white light.

This gives you a bright light which is probably brighter than any otherlight in this category.

It is designed specifically to perform for vehicles which have to be driven inbad weather and road conditions.

It has a unique reflector cup which covers each LED andgives a farther reach to the light than any other LED gives. It offers an amazing combination ofspot/flood beam pattern and ensures that the light covers the maximum distance with the widestview.

It is suitable for any type of vehicle which includes Jeeps, ATVs, SUVs, 4x4 e.t.c.

It has aslightly curved design which fits perfectly with your car and makes it look attractive too.

It ismolded as per real car arc.

In addition to these features, it is resistant to corrosion and rustwhich adds up to the lifespan of these lights.


  • The lights come with a 2-year warranty.
  • It comes with 10pcs cooling pins which allows for maximum heat dissipation comparedto lights which comes with 8pcs.
  • It is waterproof as it has an aluminum housing and a heavy duty powder coat.


  • The lights can get moisture inside the glass at times which can reduce the lifespan of thelights. The lights get condensed easily.
  • It is prone to flickering if used in snow prone areas.

These are the top two choices by consumers all around the world when it comes to buying fog lights. They not only trust the light brands but have also found the lights to be durable and doingwhat they are supposed to do. Since these lights also perform the safety feature while driving, itis important that you analyse your requirements before actually buying these lights. Some states have laws and rules about adding additional lights to your vehicle so ensure that you check those before going ahead with the process. The best lights are those which not only give youthe perfect driving vision but also which can survive the worst of weather conditions and ask forlow maintenance.


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